About Versatile

About Versatile Business School

We ensure better education for a better world

Versatile Business School (‘Versatile’), established in 2009, is one of the top business schools in Chennai.

Our Mission

To impart quality management education to the future managers with appropriate values, best business practices, skills to manage people and large businesses, and bring value to all stakeholders; cope with increased pressures and challenges from domestic and global markets duly maintaining ethical values.

Our Vision

To be the business school that best understands the industry requirements, develop leaders and managers who can transform business worldwide and to become the Harvard of the East to produce high quality competent global managers and entrepreneurs.

Our Academics

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‘Versatilians’ shall gain exposure on:


‘Versatile’ Fires on all its Cylinders to Prepare ‘Versatilians’ to Conform to Industry Standards!

Our Lecturers

Competent Instructors And Lecturers

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Taine Frederick


Alisha Kearns


Ayra Barlow


Callan Holman


Aliya Bone


Bjorn Decker

Chairman’s Message

India is the third largest economy in the world. India as emerging super power has made a rapid growth in every field in the last decade resulting development of infrastructure, attracting foreign direct investments, producing surplus electricity, entered in to oil deals with oil exporting countries at an advantageous pricing, eliminating subsidies in LPG supply, transfer of subsidies direct to bank accounts, addressing public cleanliness issues, performance based governance system in bureaucracy, changes in foreign policy resulting in enhanced GDP growth ahead of China, encouragement of start-up culture in the process of making billion dollar companies, resulting India becoming an economic powerhouse. We are officially called as NIC (Newly industrialized Country) if not a developed country.

When the country moves forward, foreign MNCs vying with each other find potential market in India than other countries and Indian MNCs expanding their business abroad there shall be an exponential growth in business and employment opportunities. India has the youngest educated population world over.

I perceive that there is a large opportunity for Indian professionals and entrepreneurs henceforth. When foreign MNCs set their shop aggressively in India they would prefer MBAs to manage their business. Therefore, I look forward to MBA aspirants to find immense value in pursuing MBA in the desired specialization so that they can be just in a position when there is substantial market for them.

Dr. S. RM. Sokkalingam

MBA., CAIIB., M. Phil., Ph. D.,

Rtn. K. Vallekkannu

Past President, Rotary Club Manufacturer of Gold and Diamond Jewellery

Vice President’s Message

‘Versatile’ provides ample opportunities to learn ‘The Best Management Practices’ through its various ‘Industry Connect’ programs and a specially designed ‘Industry Oriented Curriculum’ in consultation with industry experts.

‘Versatile’ trains budding managers on communication and soft skills, cross-cultural performance, and international business management. Our campus, akin to corporate look, enables the students to adapt to corporate culture and ambience quickly. Our resourceful academic and corporate advisors, faculty and guest faculty members with ample industry experience and international business exposure will be of immense value to the students. 

‘Versatilians’ will have more fun, a great time in learning business management skills and  exposure should be very rich, manifold, and unimaginable. ‘Versatile’ shall craft ‘Versatilians’ with the required skills to be job or business ready.

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