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Why Versatile…??


Versatile Corporate Solutions (‘Versatile’) provides communication and soft skill programs to students, faculty members, staffs and corporate employees.‘Versatile’ training pedagogyis more focused on audio visual display and fun learning;enabling students enjoy themselves and learn keenly throughout the program.Our Training programs are designed to help develop practical and technical skills empowering the participants fully equipped to meet the challenges ahead.

Every module of ours is associated with interesting activities enabling the participants to understand the concepts well. ‘Versatile’has been able to gain reputation from its clients mainly because of designing content to suit the needs of the recipients and deliver it superbly. Our experienced and competent team of trainers consists of professionals with substantial industry experience.

‘Versatile’ guarantees a minimum satisfaction/feedback of 75%invariably in all its programs. However ‘Versatile’ normally achieves a performance over 85-95%.