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Versatile aims at becoming the training provider of choice defined by high standards of excellence and become a leader in skill development.



‘Versatile’ shall impart communication and soft skill-sets stead fastly in a shortest span of time to innumerable number of students and corporate personnel in India and abroad enabling them to excel in their professional/personal life, ensuring that the participants - get Incredibly refined - to stand out distinctly from the crowd.


Company Profile

Versatile Corporate Solutions (‘Versatile’) offers training programs on communication and soft skills to college students, faculty and corporate employees to enhance their competency level.


Our flagship programs on ‘Speak English Effortlessly’ and ‘Write English Effectively’ made participants to realize that speaking and writing English, in a matter of few days, is easier than envisaged. ‘Versatile’ undertakes to remove nervousness completely from the minds of the participants and make them confident to speak in English effortlessly. Every module of ours is associated with interesting activities. The learner would really love this program. The entire program shall be very effective and stimulating.


‘Versatile’ ensures that all its modules and power point presentations are simple and understandable without compromising the best standard. Importantly ‘Versatile’ designs its programs to suit the needs of the respective institutions. ‘Versatile’ further guarantees a minimum participant satisfaction/feedback of 75% in all its programs. However L&T consistently rated our various programs between 84% and93% in the past four years.