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The Art Of Speaking English


Dr.S.RM.Sokkalingam has authored the book titled ‘The Art of Speaking English’. It was published in April, 2010. ‘The Hindu’ acknowledged this book in its ‘Book Review’ on 31.08.2010. It has received many reviews since then. The second thoroughly revised edition was published in July, 2013. It is rich in content, well-spaced with attractive typeset, printed in a top-quality paper and well bound with a beautiful wrapper akin to international standard. Sixteen thousand copies were sold since its original publication. The user of this book neither requires a dictionary nor assistance. Many readers enjoyed reading it as a novel. In fact, the user of this book can:


  • acquire key techniques to speak in English elegantly.
  • build word power over 15000 efficiently.
  • frame questions and make answers effectively.
  • understand confusing words and common mistakes easily.
  • learn grammar eagerly.
  • engage in conversation with others effortlessly.


Praise for ‘The Art of Speaking English’


  • This book serves as a useful handbook for all who wish to improve their communication skills. - Family Magazine, Cochin.
  • ‘Ability or a skill that you can develop with training and practice’ is an art. In short, everything given in this book is an art by itself and the title suits this book perfectly well. A complimentary note about this book is that – it is a ‘student friendly Hand Book to Speak English’.
    - Dr.R.Poovazhaki, Principal, E.M.G.Yadava Women’s College, Madurai
  • The language used in this book is very simple and understandable to any student of middle or higher grades. Explanation is brief and practice is more.
    - Dr.G.Hampamma, Vice Principal, Madanapalle Institute of Technology & Science, Madanapalle, A.P.
  • The book is well written keeping the need of students. The gap has been filled due to arrival of this book. Such book is very much needed.
    - Dr. Ashish Agarwal, Professor, School of Engineering & Technology, IGNOU New Delhi





    • Acknowledgement by ‘The Hindu’ in their ‘Book Review’ on 31st august, 2010. The Hindu
    • Review by the principal, Yadava College of Arts and Science for Women, Madura, T.N.
    • Review by Professor, Madanapalle Institute of Technology and Science, A.P.
    • Review by ‘Family Magazine’, Kochi, Kerala State.